How to be Everything

Reading “How to be Everything” by Emilie Wapnick. It is pretty insightful so far. As I have varied interests, I feel a bit disorganized and feel I am missing out on things. I just started reading it but it is already giving me ideas on how to organize some of my activities.

Writing is harder than it looks

So my goal was to write 250 words blog posts everyday. But it is really hard to write that many words everyday. So instead I will focus on writing a blog post everyday. Most blog posts won’t be very long. But hopefully by practicing to write everyday, I will improve my blog posts, make them more interesting and substantial.

Also it would be interesting to blog about my journey in real estate and of course, write about parenthood.

Shacks Dining & Dog Park

This is such a great find. We had been looking for a place where we can take our dog and son at the same time.

Shack’s Dining and Dog Park is such a place. They have 2 dog parks, one kids area where dogs are not allowed. Then they have 5 restaurants and bars. Love OMG Tacos and Dirty Burger bar.

Also this is one of the cleanest dog park since it is private and you are supposed to buy food at restaurants to enter dog park. So they maintain it pretty good.

The best part is the people here. Every time we go there, we end up meeting new people. A lot of families with young kids. A great place to hangout here after work or on weekend.

Done with Real Estate courses

Texas Real Estate license requires 6 courses, each 30 hours long. So 180 hours total.

This week I finally finished the last course. Now I can finally relax. Well for a bit. I already applied for license on TREC website. Waiting for them to process my application and email me eligibility letter so that I can final exam. Also part of process to get fingerprinted for background check.

I am already getting tons of emails from brokers to join them. Not sure if they got my info from Real Estate school or from TREC. My next step should be to interview each broker and find out which one to join.

But for now I will relax a bit. Been an intense month or so.

Photo by Adriel Kloppenburg on Unsplash