Nothing will make you feel as helpless as unable to help your child.

Hina went out of town for a weekend a few months back. Ayden and I stayed back home. Ayden is used to eating from Hina. He only eats snacks from me. Hina prepared several of Ayden’s favorite foods before leaving but he won’t eat any of it. I think he was missing his mom, so even snacks, he barely ate any.

At that stage, Ayden was in love with apples. But there were no apples at home. He kept asking for apples. We drove to McDonald’s to get sliced apples but he didn’t like those. He won’t eat anything, I was feeling so helpless.

The worst part was in middle of night, in his sleep, he was sleep talking, kept repeating two words, “Eat” and “Aapull”. It broke my heart.