End of year

This was one of the shortest year. I still remember calling Barron’s customer service in January complaining about missing issues. And I just got renewal notice.

In 2019, I wanted to learn trading and turn it into a serious side hustle. I did learn about trading, options, Forex, etc. I lost money in discretionary swing trading but I was making a decent profit selling options until last month. That’s when all my profits in options turned into loss.

However, algorithmic trading is still in positive. I got introduced to Forex trading by my brother-in-law. Also algorithmic trading is really fun. It is like a video game in which you do coding to get high score. But in end, even if you can get 25% return rate, you will need to have a lot of capital to make a decent side-hustle income. It is fun but not serious side-hustle unless you are already wealthy.

One unexpected thing I did this year was to get my real estate license. After a lot of thinking, I realized that I am working on side-projects because I want to diversify my income. I also want more control of my time.

I have really good job right now but it is also very stressful especially when dealing with hard deadlines. Especially when I don’t control those deadlines.

Real estate will have its own hard deadlines but I think I will have more control on those deadlines. Real estate is also anti-fragile.

The best part is real estate is really about relationships. Sure I can hustle and start cold calling if I was doing it full-time but there are plenty of examples of successful real estate agents who only work with warm connections. You just need to stay in touch with your friends and family. In real estate, they call it Sphere of Influence or SOI.

So my goal for 2020 is to focus on real estate as my main side-hustle. In long term, I can quit my day job and do real estate and consulting. I would love to start robotics school. As a Realtor, this might not only be possible but two businesses may feed each other.