Thank you for visiting my blog. It is mostly my notes about programming, photography, and parenting.

I live in Dallas with my wife, our son, and our dog. We love pool, coffee shops, and exploring DFW.

As a new parent, I read a lot about parenting. Back in old days (a few months ago), I would spend weeks researching cameras. Now I spend most of my free time researching baby bottles and diapers.

My favorite programming language is PHP. For personal projects, I almost always use Laravel. Lately, I am also working and playing with Javascript, React, Nodejs, and Vuejs.

This site uses Hugo. The minimalist theme here uses Bulma.

Chaosplay was originally supposed to be Video Games studio. However, that didn’t happen but I have been blogging here since 2002.


The best way to contact me is via phone call or email.

You can find me on various social media networks but I rarely ever use these sites or apps.