Paternity Leave

My company offers 12 weeks of paternity leave. This is really awesome. There are many companies that offer nothing. Also this is a bit strange. Since I went to college, I haven’t had such a long break. My previous longest vacation was 2 weeks. And I thought that was the most amazing thing.

Before starting paternity leave, I had a lot of plans. I was going to learn iOS dev, repaint some furniture, do a lot of photography, work on my novel, paint on iPad, hangout with friends, finish up some books, workout and eat right, and more. I have been on my paternity leave for 3 weeks now. And I have barely done anything. Babies are a lot of work.

During daytime, Ayden is on 3 hour cycle. He wakes up from a nap and demands milk. Then we need to keep him upright for a bit or he will spit. Then he wants to play. Finally, he gets tired and starts to doze off. This is when I wash bottles, empty dishwasher, put clothes in washer, and finally sit down to read a book and Ayden is awake from his nap again.

But I am learning to be productive in small intervals. Usually, it takes me at least 30 minutes before I get in the zone. But now I am learning to get productive within a few seconds. I keep Xcode open all the time. Instead of reading books, I am mostly listening. Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is awesome while feeding the baby. Hanging out with friends is tough but doable.

Another important thing I am realizing is that this time if for bonding with the baby not to get your projects done. So one should try not to plan too many things. Especially when baby is involved things will be unpredictable. One day he is totally chill and you feel like you can do so many things. But then next day he might get fussy and your whole day will be spend soothing him.

So plan nothing, do things that can be done in small intervals, and most importantly play with your baby.