Ear Infection

Ayden’s first week at daycare and he gets cold an dear infection. Apparently, this how it will be for next 2-12 months.

We had been lucky so far that Ayden sleeps through the most nights. But having ear infection meant no sleep, for him or us. He was up every few hours crying. He had slight fever, never higher that 101F. Previously, we had talked with a nurse and she told us that his symptoms seemed like a cold. He had no fever then, just stuffy nose. She said to callback if he developed fever or stuffy nose lasts longer than 5 days.

But at night things got worse.

Next morning we went to pediatrician, and found out he had ear infection. He was prescribed antibiotics. Much better now.

There is no real way to prevent ear infections or colds when babies are going to daycare. Good thing is that he will have an awesome immune system eventually.