Flying with the Baby

So we flew with the baby for the first time. I was pretty nervous, as my previous experiences with babies on planes mostly consist of them crying. Lucky for us, Ayden didn’t really cry much. In fact, he was mostly excited.

Other things we learned are:

  • Southwest offer free stroller, and car seat check-in in addition to 2 free bags to check-in. I had assumed stroller and car seat would use up our free checked bags and we would have to pay for any extra bags to check-in.
  • Don’t forget seat base as we did.
  • Babies don’t need photo ID to fly. We could have taken immunization records or anything with his name and date of birth.
  • Need to use full service to check-in at airport.
  • They would say you can check-in stroller at the gate. But that means at the door of the plane, not the gate in terminal.