My Current Gear for Videography

For now, I plan to use my existing camera gear for making videos. It is not the most ideal gear for it but before I buy the new camera, let’s make sure that this is something I’ll stick with long term.

I prefer to buy photography gear from B&H Photo & Video, however, below links are for Amazon as these are affiliate links.

Fuji X100F

This is a beautiful camera, great for photography. I also love the videos it produce. However, lack of optical image stabilization makes handheld videos a bit too shaky. Also lack of 4K recording is disappointing.

One thing I really love about this camera is film simulation modes. Everyone loves Classic Chrome, so do I. But then again for stock videos, I suspect buyers would prefer flat color profile so that they can easily match with their footage. I will have to read more on it.

Check X100f on Amazon.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

GoPro should be great tool to make timelapse videos.

If you want to buy GoPro, get the latest version, Hero7.

GoPro Karma Grip

I haven’t used this much. It is a bit of pain to take it out. Also it seems to use up battery pretty fast. But I can think of many shots with this. Here is one of my test video:


Checkout Karma Grip on Amazon

Sony Nex-3N

This is one of the most underrated cameras out there. At the time I bought it, it was the smallest camera with crop sensor. The kit lens, 16-50mm, has Optical Image Stabilization, so videos are pretty decent. It works great in low light. And since it is pretty cheap, I use it in places where I won’t take x100f.

Only negative is that sometimes autofocus will start hunting for focus all over ruining the video.

You can check it out on Amazon, though I would get something else if mine breaks.


You will need tripod for making videos. I use Dolica Proline GX 60-Inch tripod. It is made for photography but we will try for videos for now.

Check it out here

iPad Pro 10.5

iPad is a weird device. I love it and hate it. It seems to do everything except it misses that one thing that you definitely need. For example, iMovie’s interface is great on it except it doesn’t have stabilization. However, it is pretty good tool to edit movies.

iPad Pro 10.5

13” MacBook Pro

This is unlikely to be powerful enough for 4K video editing. But it will have to do for now.


I used to use Sony Vegas Pro once upon a time. But lately I am playing with iMovie and it seems to do everything I need. Since I am trying to save money. I will stick with free software for now.