Side Hustle

I spend a lot of time working on side-projects. Usually, my focus is building new apps, web or mobile. I thought it was clever to build apps and learn new programing techniques in my free time, as it will help with my career. But building a production ready app is a lot more complex than just learning a new framework. So I rarely ever finish these apps. Sure it teaches new skills but it doesn’t meet definition of side-hustle.

Also if I ever finished something, then I rarely ever marketed it.

One of my favorite hobby is making videos. I used to make a lot of random videos but never really tried to get better at it. Now as a new father, I am making a lot more videos and trying to improve my videos. And I was looking at some new non-programming side-hustles. It seems like there are a lot of videography tutorials but that is something I am currently interested in. So it might be a good side-hustle. A lot of video gear is pretty expensive, so opportunities for affiliate links. And then there are stock video sites which is another avenue for generating passive income.

Also this time I will focus on learning about SEO and marketing this blog and share those experiences too. So it will be kind of meta.

To summarize, my side-hustle objectives are:

  1. Focus on improving my videos
  2. List my videos on stock videos sites
  3. Share my experience with videography and stock video sites
  4. Learn and improve SEO and marketing of this blog
  5. Share my experience with SEO and marketing
  6. Monetize this blog with affiliate links