Part-time Realtor Journey

I have had my real estate license for over five months but I have not been able to do anything with it yet. My goal for 2020 is to get serious about doing real estate part-time.

Right now, my number one goal concerning real estate is to finish my site at

Next I need to start exploring Keller Williams Command software. This is combination of CRM, mailing lists, and websites.

Keller Williams has something called 10-4, which is basically their recommended goals for every agent to

  1. Add 10 new contacts to CRM everyday,
  2. Contact 10 people everyday,
  3. Online preview 10 homes everyday,
  4. And visit 10 homes every week.

This is a bit too much for anyone doing real estate part-time. So I will start with 1-4 or basically add one new contact daily, contact one new person from database, preview one home online and visit one house in person each week.