I am going to start journal style blogging once again.

Ayden is getting better at sitting up. He finished his 3rd antibiotics’ course a week ago. He is 7 months old now, mash’Allah.

This saturday, he slept horribly. It seemed like his ear infection was back but last night he was fine. Hopefully, it was one of thing. We got a follow up appointment this week.

He has also started to teeth. Perhaps that’s what kept him up on Saturday night. We also went out and sat in patio. He might have gotten too hot there.

I was really enjoying dad blogging, but now it is getting harder to find new topics to blog about. Or that I have read enough about parenting for now.

This week I discovered a new app for iPad, iA Writer. It is very minimalist app that uses Markdown and stores files as plain text. The best feature I like about is that it greys out sentences one you move to next sentence. And it has typewriter mode, which keeps text you are typing centered on the screen. This should help when you are writing long posts or novels.