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I have been playing with options. While I made some decent profit initially, but a couple of bad moves wiped it all. So far I am breaking even. But options feels like a lot more like gambling. Obviously, there are people making living off options and day trading. But hard to find such mentors in real life. I knew one person who was full time commodities trader but I am not sure how big was his account. With small account balance you would be taking on more risky bets to earn livable wage.

Now I am thinking Real Estate might be better investment and wealth building tool. I know several people who are making decent money from their RE investments. Though none of them are truly retired though, still working their day jobs.

“Why Real Estate Made Me A Millionaire and Investing In Stocks Did Not – MyWifeQuitHerJob.com”
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Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing

Research led by the University of Exeter, published in Scientific Reports and funded by NIHR, found that people who spend at least 120 minutes in nature a week are significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological wellbeing than those who don’t visit nature at all during an average week. However, no such benefits were found for people who visited natural settings such as town parks, woodlands, country parks and beaches for less than 120 minutes a week.

Source: Two hours a week is key dose of nature for health and wellbeing

Even 18th-Century Creatives Tended to Cluster – CityLab

It also appears that belonging to the London cluster made writers substantially more productive. Mitchell finds that the average writer in London saw their productivity go up by 12 percent. By comparison, writers in smaller clusters, in Dublin, Edinburgh, Oxford, and Cambridge, saw no such gains. Furthermore, being part of the London cluster increased the likelihood of an author having their work published in any given year by 24 percent.

Source: Even 18th-Century Creatives Tended to Cluster – CityLab

Posting anon. In 2009, the startup where I was working was hitting the skids, a… | Hacker News

Posting anon.In 2009, the startup where I was working was hitting the skids, and our investors (correctly) were not willing to back us. We all kept grinding for a month or two in honorable futility, but after a while, my bank account depleted and I had to go.To make various ends meet and to keep my mental health during the wind down however, I took up some contract work that I found through various friends in the SF startup scene. One company that I really liked and did some small stuff for was Burbn, which was a mobile-only location check-in that was hinged around taking photos of your location.Missing my friends in NYC (I made a lot of friends in SF, but my inner circle were my college buddies from CMU; I went to tech and they went finance, sigh), I decided to leave SF to head to NYC and get a fresh start.As I was leaving, I wanted to tie up a few loose ends, so I emailed my contact at Burbn and said I was likely to be unavailable for any more work, but that I liked the project and hoped for the best for him. He responded and said that he was near funding on a small pivot, and that if I was interested, there might be a full-time role available. I declined – I was mentally done with SF and the startup scene (Larry Chiang, 111 Minna, the rise of FB spam-crap like RockYou, etc.) as it was then.That person was Kevin Systrom; that pivot was Instagram.

Source: Posting anon. In 2009, the startup where I was working was hitting the skids, a… | Hacker News

That Sleep Tracker Could Make Your Insomnia Worse – The New York Times

But some sleep specialists caution that these apps and devices may provide inaccurate data and can even exacerbate symptoms of insomnia. Fiddling with your phone in bed, after all, is bad sleep hygiene. And for some, worrying about sleep goals can make bedtime anxiety even worse.There’s a name for an unhealthy obsession with achieving perfect sleep: orthosomnia. It was coined by researchers from Rush University Medical School and Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in a 2017 case study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Source: That Sleep Tracker Could Make Your Insomnia Worse – The New York Times

AAPL Credit Spread for June 21st 185/187.5 Call

Trying to recover some of my loss on AAPL Iron Condor. I was trying to go delta neutral on AAPL, well it was delta neutral yesterday but today my overall AAPL is negative delta. That means if AAPL rises, I lose money.

This is what my profit loss graph looks like. As long as AAP stays below 185, I minimize my loss. Or if it rallies and goes above 200 but stays below 205, I make money. But I lose if it ends up between 185 and 195.

Options Trading

I have been trading options for a bit but starting to keep journal of my trades here. I have lost some serious money in it but also made some money, overall I am breakeven at this point. Based on my previous experience, I will avoid making big risky trades in options and keep my risk to $500 or less while I still learn this.

My current portfolio:

June 21 Expirations

SymbolStrategyStrike PricesCostMargin Notes
AAPLIron Condor195/200/205/210370 Credit$500Sold before trade war started. Now it is looking a loser trade.
CARAIron Condor10/12.5/22.5/25$828 Credit$1750Strike prices are way out of 1 standard deviation. Pretty good ratio of reward to risk.
LULUIron Condor150/160/190/200$361 Credit$1000Earnings are coming up. Could spike up or down after earnings. Though strike prices are around 1 standard deviations when I bought it, I lost big on INTU. Need to stop doing earning plays.
ORCLIron Condor48/52/55/59$361 credit$1200No earnings, 1 std. deviations away strike price when I bought it but $52 put is ITM. Probably should close this position if it keeps dropping
ORCLIron Condor47/51/56/60$383 credit$1200Bought this to try laddering but now I don’t like it. Too concentrated in one position. If Oracle keeps falling, I will lose $2400 instead of $1200.
SBUXIron Condor72.5/75/80/82.5$440$1250No earnings, 1 std. deviations away strike price. Looks like it is behaving as expected.
SNAPCall Credit Spread12.5/13This was a mistake. Bought $13 call but it kept falling, I could have closed position but selling an opening $12.5 call earned me more credit. It is overall loser trade, will try to close it as soon as possible.

June 28th Expirations

SPY Long Call at $295 expiration. When market was rising, I would buy calls and sell them at 20-30% profits. It was easy money. And whenever there was a dip, I would double my position and still come out ahead. Here I did same thing but market has not bounced back and unlikely to. I would lose almost $2000 here.

July 19th Expirations

SymbolStrategyStrike PricesCostMarginNotes
CATDebit PUT Spread110/120$275Trade war and down trending market.
QQQCredit Call Spread186/187$119$4001 std deviation, trade war. Buying ETF reduced risk of huge spikes.

I have been watching TastyTrade and OptionAlpha videos. A lot of useful information.

Options profit calculator

Free and truly unique stock-options profit calculation tool. View a potential strategy’s return on investment against future stock price AND over time. Your trade might look good at expiry, but what about next week? OPC maps out these effects of volatility and time to help eliminate the unknowns from high-return trading.

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How Does Fasting Affect the Brain?

And that’s what we’re finding in lab animals — the brain and body actually perform better during fasting. In the case of the brain, cognitive function, learning, memory, and alertness are all increased by fasting. And in the body, we recently found that mice maintained on an alternate-day fasting diet during a month of treadmill training have better endurance than mice fed every day. So intermittent fasting enhanced the mice’s physical performance.

Source: How Does Fasting Affect the Brain?