Curving – Dog Body Language – Silent Conversations

The deliberate dog body language of curving is used in polite greetings, negotiation, or as a calming signal. A head-on, frontal approach can be seen as confrontational. The curving could be the curving of the dog’s body (which makes a slight c-shape), or a directional curve in the path the dog walks on approach. Some have described it as a ‘banana walk’, an easy descriptive way to imagine the direction of walk, due to the shape of the path taken by the dog.
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Programmers: Before you turn 40, get a plan B | Improving Software

Welcome to geezer town, junior. While researching my recent article, “Age discrimination and Programming Jobs” , I discovered a 1998 Op-Ed piece from The New York Times that cited some startling statistics from the NSF and Census bureau about the longevity of a software engineering career. [S]ix years after finishing college, 57 percent of computer science graduates…
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Unfortunately, age discrimination is a real thing that I never thought about before. As I am approaching 40, I am getting more aware of it.

Programming is such a unique profession in that people expect programmers to give up programming eventually and move into management. For a while I believed that and moved into leadership position as Dev Lead. But I hate it and probably will move back to pure programming job.

No one expect doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, etc to eventually become managers.

I guess it is because as programmers get older, they get expensive and acquire work/life balance while don’t provide enough value to justify their cost.

My Plan B is basically real estate license and real estate investments. This may generate enough money and give me enough flexibility to work on my programming side projects.

How to be Everything

Reading “How to be Everything” by Emilie Wapnick. It is pretty insightful so far. As I have varied interests, I feel a bit disorganized and feel I am missing out on things. I just started reading it but it is already giving me ideas on how to organize some of my activities.

Writing is harder than it looks

So my goal was to write 250 words blog posts everyday. But it is really hard to write that many words everyday. So instead I will focus on writing a blog post everyday. Most blog posts won’t be very long. But hopefully by practicing to write everyday, I will improve my blog posts, make them more interesting and substantial.

Also it would be interesting to blog about my journey in real estate and of course, write about parenthood.

Shacks Dining & Dog Park

This is such a great find. We had been looking for a place where we can take our dog and son at the same time.

Shack’s Dining and Dog Park is such a place. They have 2 dog parks, one kids area where dogs are not allowed. Then they have 5 restaurants and bars. Love OMG Tacos and Dirty Burger bar.

Also this is one of the cleanest dog park since it is private and you are supposed to buy food at restaurants to enter dog park. So they maintain it pretty good.

The best part is the people here. Every time we go there, we end up meeting new people. A lot of families with young kids. A great place to hangout here after work or on weekend.