Real Estate

I have been programmer for over 15 years. I dreamed about my own startup or at least simple enough side projects. But having a day job where I am programming or dealing with technical issues leave me with no desire to sit in front of computer at home.

Also I enjoy programming when I am deeply focused or in the zone. But in an office environment that is rarely achieved. There are constant interruptions.

Earlier this year, I decided to start swing trading and buying options. It was a bit different from programming. I subscribed to paper version of Barron’s, so I am not doing my research on screen. Since Barron’s is a weekly paper, I would skim through over weekend. Place my trades in the evenings or whenever and they are executed when market opens.

The problem started when I installed Yahoo Finance and various app on my phone to constantly track stock movements. And then I mostly lost money trading stocks.

I made some money trading options, in fact, I made enough money in options to recover my losses in swing trading. I continue to trade options and leave TastyTrade play in background but rate of return on it is barely above buy and hold strategies.

So this bring me to Real Estate.

It seems Real Estate investing might be a good side project for the evenings. The way I see is that first step is to drive around and look for neighborhoods where you want to buy a property. Sure there will be some online searches too. Once you find a property, then comes the fun part. I am thinking about flipping properties. So there will be some work done to property after purchase. Of course, we will need to hire professionals but I can do some work on it too. It would be nice break from sitting.

Well hard part might be making actual profit.

Then I am also working on getting real estate license, so that I can save money on commision. But I can also help people find new homes or apartments. Again this means going out to meet clients and showing them various homes. This probably will serve dual purposes as I will get to learn more about real estate market and be able to find neighborhoods to buy properties in.

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