My name is Blue. You can meet me in the sky. Or you can find me in the oceans. Or if you are lucky, I might be in your eyes.

I am beautiful. Oceans are painted with me. I am what makes the sky perfect. You dare not come out of your homes when sky is devoid of me.

Because of me, you seek the vastness of oceans. You spend your life in small boxes, only because you want to escape into me. Every once in a while when you get lucky, you fly to a sandy beach. You look for a perfect spot. You set up your chair. Then you sit down and stare into me for as long as you can. When you get enough courage to touch me, you get up and you run into me. I surround you. You and I become one and everything gets perfect.

I give hopes from distance to lost souls in deserts; and then sometimes I disappear leaving the thirsty travelers feeling betrayed by their own sights; and other times I stay and save lives of countless hunters of fortune.

When they look at me, they feel calm. At least, that’s what I have heard. Perhaps I remind them that they can escape into me whenever they want to. Freedom is painted with me.

I don’t want to cover skins of brides on their wedding days. Nor do I want to be trapped in a darkness with a decaying body. While you show your sons with me; but I am bigger than that. I don’t want to be your uniform.

I shine in the biggest stars. I paint the biggest ceiling that surrounds you. I symbolize life.

I am Blue.

(Inspired by My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk.)