Indie Game Development

More research one choosing dev stack for game dev

Last week, I had decided to use Swift/Apple’s ecosystem for initial gamedev. But I wasn’t feeling 100% okay with getting locked into Apple’s ecosystem. So I spent last week doing more research on developing simple apps using Swift, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native. Since I use JavaScript at work, React Native would be the easiest way for me to get started but it feels too much like work and I am kind of tired of js/npm dependencies and build tools.

Hello World, again!

As a child, I fell in love with video games and wanted to make my own video games. This is the main reason why I got into programming. While in college I made a few games/demos using DirectX and random tutorials. In 2002, I registered this domain,, as a name for my future game dev studio. Then I applied to many game studios but never heard back from them. Then life got in the way, I got regular programming and web dev jobs.

Simpler Food Photo Logger App

Couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS. Nothing too serious, just major GI discomfort when I ate the wrong food. My doctor asked me to keep a diary of food intake and symptoms to identify which foods were causing reactions. I tried several popular apps but they were targeted towards people who were looking to lose weight. These apps were focused on macros and caloric intake. Logging symptoms of IBS was not even possible in many of these apps.