Duck or rabbit? The 100-year-old optical illusion that could tell you how creative you are | The Independent

What do you see: a rabbit? or a duck?  More than a 100 years after it was first sketched, a drawing has sparked huge reaction after being shared on social media.  Some see a rabbit and others will

Source: Duck or rabbit? The 100-year-old optical illusion that could tell you how creative you are | The Independent

Real Estate Journey

I have had my real estate license for over couple of months but I have not been able to do anything with it yet. My goal for 2020 is to get serious about doing real estate part-time with ultimate goal of going full-time.

Normally, I don’t like to share my big goals because if I fail, then I am publicly embarrassed. However, I will start journaling my real estate journey here. This is not a popular blog, and it is mostly collection of notes for myself. So who cares.

Right now, my number one goal in regards to real estate is to finish my site at

Yellow Bus

It is interesting to see how Ayden’s interests changes.

He loved water fountain in our neighborhood lake. He wanted to watch it for several minutes every time we went for walk. Sometimes at home he would ask to go for walk and point us to lake.

His first true obsession was fans. Whenever he would see a fan, he would get so excited and point towards it. Tell everyone about it. Sometimes he would ask me to carry him throughout the house and so he can see all different fans in the house.

Then he got obsessed with Romba. He would want it on all the time. However, he was also afraid of it. So he wanted it on but not too close.

He also fell in love with Elmo. Not sure how it started but we watched way too much Elmo.

He had a brief affair with waterfalls.

Now he is obsessed with buses, especially, yellow school buses. Everyday taking him to daycare, he would get excited to see school buses. So one day I made a mistake of playing “Go Buster” on Netflix. And it became his new obsession. It became a daily ritual to watch it at bedtime and first thing in the morning.

It is funny that in the mornings, he would want to go see real life yellow bus. He would say “outside yellow bus” once he is done with Buster yellow bus and ready for daycare.

Now he has switched “Tayo” too.

We need to stop introducing him to new TV shows. And wean off these TV shows too.


Nothing will make you feel as helpless as unable to help your child.

Hina went out of town for a weekend a few months back. Ayden and I stayed back home. Ayden is used to eating from Hina. He only eats snacks from me. Hina prepared several of Ayden’s favorite foods before leaving but he won’t eat any of it. I think he was missing his mom, so even snacks, he barely ate any.

At that stage, Ayden was in love with apples. But there were no apples at home. He kept asking for apples. We drove to McDonald’s to get sliced apples but he didn’t like those. He won’t eat anything, I was feeling so helpless.

The worst part was in middle of night, in his sleep, he was sleep talking, kept repeating two words, “Eat” and “Aapull”. It broke my heart.